Toad Poisoning 

 Colorado River Toads are commonly found in the greater Tucson, Arizona area particularly during monsoon season. At dusk, the slow hopping of the toad will often attract dogs. The dog will grasp the toad in its mouth causing the toad to secrete a toxin from the poison glands behind its ears. The toxins are absorbed through the membranes of the dog's mouth and stomach resulting in a variety of symptoms. These symptoms may result in death in 15 minutes!

Symptoms can range from slight salivation to discolored mucus membranes of the mouth, staggering and convulsions. Symptoms will depend on the age and condition of the dog, amount of toxin absorbed, and the length of time since exposure.

If you have seen a toad in your dog's mouth you should immediately RINSE the dog's mouth out. Rinse the mouth out from back to front with the pet's head lowered so the pet does not swallow the water. Rinse the mouth for 15 minutes. Call Pima Pet Clinic/Animal Emergency Service immediately as further treatment is likely needed.