Tucson’s Veterinary Surgery Option in Times of Emergency, and Anytime

Veterinary surgery being performed

Our surgeons are highly skilled and broadly experienced, providing the following types of veterinary surgery and surgical procedures for your pets:

If there’s a surgical procedure your pet needs, we can provide it.

What separates us even more is the fact that we are available to provide emergency and surgical care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays.

Post-Surgical Care

If you could ask your dog or cat, he or she would say pain management is the most important post-surgical veterinary care we provide.

Animal suffering is not an option for the staff of Pima Pet Clinic. So we monitor your pet’s post-surgery condition and provide ample pain meds to keep him or her comfortable. Having an on-site pharmacy makes this mission that much easier to accomplish.

Heartfelt thanks for the excellent care you gave out cat. Your thorough examinations and expert treatment surely saved his life.
— P Family —

I appreciated the excellent care and kindness you had for our pet, through all the years.
— LH —

Thank you so much for the tender loving care you provided out dog and your professionalism and concern for out pet and us.
— MT —

We really appreciated the care you provided to our pet.
— AT —

Thank you so much for taking care of our pet and saving her life.
— AR —

Such a professional and caring pet clinic for emergencies is available it truly a great asset for Tucson.
— C Family —

Thanks to you and your great staff for the loving care you gave.
— Merlyn M —

A heartfelt thank you for your excellent care and treatment for our beloved pet.
— Harold D. —

Many thanks for your compassion and excellent care.
— KS —

Knowing that he was in such good caring and professional hands means so much to me.
— JM —

You are a wonderful group of people and I appreciate all your kindness.
— SW —

The staff is great, I appreciate the friendly and excellent care.
— J —

Pima Pet are the very best and I can’t thank you enough.
— SV —

We would like to thank the staff for their very kind care.
— BW —

I wanted to say thank you for everything and the kindness you showed us.
— CC —

Thanks to all of you for the thoughtful caring care given.
— PC —

Thank you so much for the years for care you have given over the years.
— SH —

Thank you for your professional, thoughtful help and mostly the love you all show for your jobs.
— JV —

The care starts at the front desk and simply follows through everywhere at the clinic.
— MM —