When It Comes to Pet Emergencies, We’ve Seen It All

Pima Pet Clinic was established in 1978. In veterinary terms, that means we’ve seen everything. From thorns in paws to swallowed objects, our urgent care veterinarians have turned trauma into recovery.

Frequently seen emergencies include:

Two smiling techs taking a cat's blood pressure and pulse

During an emergency, priority number one is to get your pet safely to us so we can begin treatment. Whenever possible, call ahead. Let us know the nature of the emergency and we will get the clinic prepared to provide the best urgent care possible.


Animals struggle with heatstroke in the greater Tucson, Arizona region. Their mechanism for keeping cool (panting) is rarely effective in the scorching desert heat. Heatstroke can occur from high temperatures and is even more common with high humidity. The results of heatstroke can range from brain swelling, reduced kidney function, and overheating of body tissues.

Signs of a heatstroke:

  • Deep panting and salivation 
  • Drowsiness or sleepiness 
  • Collapse

Eye Infections

If you suspect an infection or injury of the eye call us immediately at (520) 327-5624 . Common eye problems include but are not limited to conjunctivitis, corneal abrasions, glaucoma, and more. See below instructions for what to do until you can get your pet to Pima Pet Clinic/Animal Emergency Services.

Eye Injury First Aid:

  • Gently remove foreign material such as dirt away from eye and the eyelids.
  • DO NOT remove objects impaled in the eye. Instead support the object and head with bandages until you can arrive at an urgent care facility.
  • Gently flush out the eye with saline solution if you suspect fluids or small particles have contacted the eye.
  • Prevent your pet from rubbing the eye and prevent him or her from possibly making the irritation worse. Always consult Pima Pet Clinic/Animal Emergency Services in Tucson, Arizona.


Seizures can occur for various reasons. Poisoning, head injuries, severe infections, tumors, and epilepsy are all causes of seizures in animals.

Seizures First Aid:

  • Keep the animal in a safe place away from potential dangers including pools, stairs, or sharp objects.
  • Time the length of the seizure. The longer the seizure, the more life threatening it becomes.
  • Place pet in a blanket for transport to Pima Pet Clinic/Animal Emergency Service.
  • Always contact your vet when seizure episodes occur.


Signs of a snakebite in Tucson include but are not limited to:

  • Swelling or extreme pain
  • Fang marks on the surface of a wound

Snakebite First Aid:

  • Keep the animal calm and quiet.
  • Immediately begin transport to Pima Pet Clinic/Animal Emergency Service.
  • Antivenin is readily available and can mean the difference between life and death.
  • DO NOT attempt to cut the wound or remove the venom as this often does more harm then good.

Allergic Reactions

The majority of allergic reactions in animals are due in large part to insects. Other allergies are derived from food, vaccines, or other medications. Mild reactions are defined by small swelling in a localized area, severe reactions can progress to anaphylactic shock.

First Aid for Mild Reactions:


Severe or bleeding wounds are something that must be dealt with immediately.

  • Gently apply pressure with clean material to control bleeding.
  • DO NOT remove any object impaled in the animal.
  • Transport to Pima Pet Clinic/Animal Emergency Animal Service as soon as possible.
  • Wounds require immediate professional veterinary care.

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